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MB-600 : Microsoft Power Apps + Dynamics 365 Solution Architect (beta)

Last week I sat the MB-600 exam, which for any aspiring Solution Architect in our world is the pinnacle qualification. Still in beta, so not sure how I got on, but thought I would share my thoughts while I still remember.

As part of my learning, I create mindmaps, it helps me focus my understanding and is quicker for me to review later for last-minute cramming sessions.

With the rest of the maps I have created, you can see them here.

These mind maps were based on the skills outline that is available here. Skills outlines with the other exams are a great resource for understanding what is in the exam, this is not the case for MB-600. The outline effectively gives you an understanding of the soft skills required.

The questions on the exam also covered most applications across the PowerPlatform. As a Solution Architect, you should have a generic view across all the platform and this is taken for granted in this exam. Even outside of the application is tested. Below is my memory of the areas that were covered, not going to be complete, but gives you an idea of the scope.

  • Power Platform
    • Security
    • Field level security
    • Business Units
    • Controls
    • Development
      • How could you complete a simple dev exercise to complete a custom task
    • Solutions and patches - This had a couple of questions, so worth understanding
    • Data Import tools
  • Power Apps
    • User cases
    • Usage
  • D365 Customer Service
    • Scenarios on its usage
    • What is included OOTB
  • D365 Sales
    • Scenarios for usage
    • OOTB functionality
  • Other
    • Marketing
    • Gamification (This surprised me the most)
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