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PL-100 - Microsoft Power Platform App Maker

One of the newest exams on the block is PL-100 Power Platform App Maker. This exam is targeted at individuals who are currently making apps for their company and want to certify their talents. I saw this exam similar to the MB-200 exam, which is soon to be replaced with PL-200, but I was wrong.

The qualification associated with this exam is Power Platform App Maker Associate. The exam is still in beta, so hopefully I will add this qualification to my list when it comes out of beta.

PL-100 is really an exam for the citizen developer, a doer. It delves deep into several areas, beyond a functional consultant role and more into the nitty-gritty of developing across the Power Platform. It is still CDS (or whatever it is called today) heavy, with no mention of SharePoint apart from in one of the scenarios.

It also covers everything, unlike EY when he took it with only a few questions on the topic, I got several Power BI questions. This is definitely not in my comfort zone, so I am glad I did some research on it before I took the exam.

One thing it didn’t really cover, even though it says in the Skills Outline that it is 10-15% of the exam was the soft skills. Nothing really on high-level design, components, or functional skills. May have been the random set of questions I got. Like EY didn’t get Power BI, maybe I was “lucky” not to get questions on these.

Like the rest of my exams, I did a Mind Map to help me ensure I have covered all the basis for the exam, driven by the skills outline. The Mind Map for PL-100 is here.

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