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MB-220 - Dynamics 365 Marketing

Microsoft has 4 main functional exams, each focused on a separate application. Sales, Service and Field Service are all parts of the suite that I have worked in anger (deployed at a client) but the fourth in the series, Marketing is an application that I never have had much involvement with.

Yes, I know what it is capable of, as a Technical or Solution Architect, you are expected to at least know the concepts of every application, but the stars never lined up to give me an exposure of it in a real-world situation.


Short description of my experience of the D365 Marketing exam and links to my Mind Map.

Exam Content

Microsoft has changed the content to include Customer Voice rather than Forms Pro recently, so make sure you are looking at the correct version.


Like all the new exam, Marketing starts with some scenarios. Each lengthy scenario discusses a project you, as the Marketing Functional consultant is to be part of, then asks you various questions on the aspects of the project. I have found that some are relevant, and some are just fluff, like the person who wrote the question was paid by the word. As I gain experience in these exams, I skim each of the pages describing the project before digging into the questions. The questions sometimes just have a tenuous link to the project, others you need to rely on the content provided, to determine the customer’s views on compliance, for example.

The rest of the questions do cover the whole remit of marketing. You work through creating segments, sending out emails, creating events, defining subscription centres and generating leads. I didn’t receive anything on the GPDR constraints available, though that might be because of the exam is global rather than EU focused or just the luck of the draw.

I didn’t get any content block questions or advanced template creation topics either. They are in the outline, so again, luck of the draw.

Like the rest of my exams, I created a Mind Map for Marketing, which is the way I process content to ensure I have covered everything and a quick revision aid hours before the exam. This is available here.

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