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Nov 21 Updates to Flow To Visio

I have been busy on a new job, actually socialising and living life recently, but got back to doing some updates for the Flow to Visio tool. The main description is updated here but I will just highlight the changes.


Comments on Flows are a new, preview, a feature recently announced at Ignite November 21. It only allows for comments in flows stored within a dataverse environment but is a great feature to collaborate with your fellow developers.

I have introduced Comments as an option within the Options Menu, to allow you to add them or not.

Community Updates

There is always that annoying friend, who thinks they are helping with coming up with good ideas. MCJ is that friend for me. He created several requests for improvements and these, along with others were released altogether.

This build includes

P.S. Thanks to Carina for nagging me to do this post.

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