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AZ-900 - Azure Fundamentals

As a Power Platform / D365 solution architect a lot of the time you are being asked to think about integrations and creating applications on the outside of the core platform. Azure, for the most part, is the place where we will go to host external integrations and apps and is a smorgasbord of services to assist in making great applications.

To keep myself progressing, I wanted to test my knowledge on Azure, and learn some of the fundamentals for the services or configurations that I have not come across (looking at you Azure Sphere).

As usual, I made a mind map. These visual representations are an aide-mémoire for me, forcing a commitment to memory by writing down key points and a quick way of reviewing before the exam. No guarantee of accuracy or completeness is inferred, if it triggers in you something that you didn’t know or forgotten, that is enough.


I did the Azure Fundamentals exam & made a mind map.

Image showing Azure Fundamentals Badge

My Thoughts

For a fundamentals exam, I found the topic wide-reaching, touching every part of Azure. I assume that this is because of my lack of experience in various parts of the vast eco-system that is Azure. You do need to cover every aspect, as the questions are random. Getting a couple of questions on topics you are not familiar with maybe the difference between a pass and a fail.

The learning path is mostly excellent, though there were a few missing parts that I had to research myself, particularly around Azure Synapse, Databricks & HDInsight.

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