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A New Look

Oooh, new, shiny!

I have been getting reminders that the 3 year payment plan I had for my blog was getting renewed at the end of this month, and when I looked into it, wow that stuff is expensive.

I know you get what you pay for, I work with Dynamics 365 & Power Platform and I am always pushing people to recognise the worth of a premium product.

But, if I can save some of my kids inheritence, I will.

So, I have copied Joe Griffin (literally, if you havent noticed, just tweaked some colours) and created this new site as an Azure Static Web App, using Hugo and a theme by Jimmy called Stack

I love the dark/light versions, the cleaniness and simplicity. I just have to get used to Markdown now.

Please let me know when you fine some issues or something missing. The blog is a low priority around work, life, family, tools but at least it is a place to keep my stuff in one place.


Mostly Joe was the help & inspiration and pointed me at the other bits.

  • Joe Griffin for his article explaining the process and some sage advise to just bite the bullet.
  • Kendra Little for her article on setting this all up.
  • lonekorean’s Wordpress-export-to-markdown Tool essential to ease the migration of articles from the old site.
  • CaiJimmy’s hugo-theme-stack Theme I have made my own branch of this great work, to allow the tweaks in color schemes.
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