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PVA to Visio Builder - XrmToolBox Tool

Sorry, it has been quiet on the blog. When you create tools, as a hobby, the time to release new features or new tools is dictated by time spent and complexity. This means I don’t post as much as I want to.

But, more importantly, I have a new tool available! Introducing PVA to Visio Builder!


I have created a tool for the XrmToolBox which enables you to document your Power Virtual Agents.


Install the tool, available in your XrmToolBox tools and open it up against your Dataverse environment where your PVA are.

What you are presented with is a list of the Chat Bots that are in the system you have connected to.

Select the PVA Bot you want to document, then choose one or more of the Topics associated with the bot. Here, you can see a lot of the out of the box ones that are created when you generate a new bot.

Hit the Create Visio button. Choose where to save the file and hopefully you will get a prompt telling you it has been successful.

Open Visio and you have a version of the Topic as Visio. Like the Flow to Visio tool, you may have to do some arranging, increasing size of boxes etc. but I hope I have saved you some time!

Hopefully it is self explanatory, here you can see the Visio representation of the standard Lesson 4 - A topic with a condition, variables and custom entity.

In the above image, you can see the comparison of the PVA on the left and what it produces in Visio on the right.

  1. The Trigger phrases are inluded (if any)
  2. The Question and any options are displayed, along with the variable that is populated. I have increased the length of this box.
  3. All of the routes from this question are mapped, with the value criteria. The Default condition is not displayed, as there is no child action in the original (which means it is not in the JSON).

Next Steps

Please let me know what you think, reach out on socials etc. I have only tested with topics I have generated, so I know there is a lot of complicated topics that I would love you to test.

Let me know of any issues by logging them on GitHub here.

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