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Flow to Visio - Solutions

Short post highlighting a change to the Flow to Visio tool

I have finally found some time to work on my tools, and have added a request from Mark Christie to the Flow to Visio tool.


I have added solution selection to the Flow to Visio tool & added a few new actions.


If you have connected to Dataverse, there is now a new selection listing all the solutions in your environment.

Image showing Solution selection in Flow to Visio Tool

The flow list is then restricted to those that are part of the solution file. Selecting the top left will select all that are part of that solution.

Image showing reduced list of flows

When you hit Create Visio, the default name is the name of the solution.

Image showing save dialog box

Finally, the Visio is created with each select flow in a new tab.

Image showing multiple tabs in Visio, one for each Power Automate selected

I created a short gif highlighting the change

GIF showing changes to the tool

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